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Brenda and Steve established Crafty in 2016 as a place where people who appreciate Food & Drink can come and look for something that is a little different.  This husband and wife team enjoy tasting new drinks and different food products.

"We are very hands on and bring a passion to the business that comes across as soon as you meet us.


People kept asking where they could buy the food and drink they would see us post about on Social Media.


That was our light bulb moment and the Crafty Connoisseur was born."

They work not only with UK producers, but many from the International stage and have imported products directly from Australia, Tasmania, Korea, Spain, Italy, Belgium and soon the United States.

Team Crafty try to bring something different to the party and as such you will find very few of their products on supermarket shelves.


t. +44 (0)131 202 1369

AWRS: XJAW00000108255


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