Tasting Penrhos Rhubarb Gin with crafty stevie

As a drinks company we are always amazed by the samples we receive from producers in order to see if there’s the possibility of us working together.

We receive samples from all over the UK and abroad, and not just gin.

Recently we were sent some samples of Penrhos Gin from Herefordshire. This post is going to be about their rhubarb gin and we will do a separate post about their dry gin soon.

Why am I picking the rhubarb one first? Well, it’s because I’m a big kid.

The thought of rhubarb takes me back to when I was growing up in Edinburgh, picking rhubarb from my grandads allotment and dipping it in sugar. Oh no, think of the calories, the damage the sugar will do to your teeth and you’re eating it raw.

Chill, this was the 70’s and we were young and reckless and enjoyed life.

Anyway, let me be clear on one thing, first and foremost, Penrhos Rhubarb Gin is 100% a gin and not a liqueur.

Im sorry, but I get a little miffed when people try to pass liqueurs off as a “flavoured gin” and its all in the the advertising. Time and time again you will see the word GIN in huge lettering and the word liqueur in small lettering and seen more as a subtitle.

Don‘t get me wrong, I like liqueurs and there is definitely a market for them. All I ask is that they are marketed as “liqueurs”.

Anyway, back to this rhubarb gin from Kington, Herefordshire. I have to say, I’ve tasted a few rhubarb gins as well as some rhubarb and gingers gins, but this one is my favourite so far.

I tried it neat, as I do with all my spirits when I’m tasting for the first time. That way you get the pure unadulterated taste before you add anything. It was a smooth gin, but for my palette it needed something to bring out the flavour more, so I opted for Schweppes 1783 Crisp Tonic.

Now this was a different ballgame. Smoother to drink and the flavour profile reacted with the tonic and opened it up that little bit more. It’s not an overpowering flavour so don’t panic if you are not a lover of rhubarb. It was a more delicate taste on my and one that I could easily drink again and again.

The secret to any drink or perfect serve, is to find what suits your taste buds. What gives you that superb mouth taste that ticks all the boxes. It’s a personal experience, with personal choices, so don’t be mislead by people telling you what you have to have with whatever.

The blend of the rhubarb juice with their dry gin comes together to produce a very pleasant and refreshing gin. Being someone who likes citrus gins as well, this gin offers me something different. The combination of rhubarb, blueberries and cherry blossom all come together to give me the refreshing taste of summer.

I think I’ve just found my gin for those long summer days, where I can experiment a bit more with my mixers and my garnishes. All I need is for summer in Scotland to last longer than two days.

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