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Bon Accord Soft Drinks - from £1


Bon Accord Soft Drinks -priced from £1

Bon Accord Is Back!

Bon Accord, the soft drink of Scottish childhoods - reimagined for adulthood by the original founder's great, great granddaughter. Incredible flavours, real ingredients and 100% naturally sweetened with no refined sugar - perfect for grown-up tastes everywhere.

Tonic and Light Tonic Water 200ml - (£1)
Bon Accord Scottish Tonic Water has a clean crisp flavour, with just a hint of citrus and vanilla. It contains a little less quinine than other tonic waters and is therefore slightly less bitter, allowing you to taste the gin it is mixed with! We have created our tonic to complement the flavours of gin, not mask them. Perfect for the growing number of craft Scottish Gins.
For a perfect G&T, fill a chilled glass with ice. Add your gin and top up with Bon Accord Scottish Tonic Water. Garnish as you (or the gin brand) wish!

Salted Pink Grapefruit 200ml (£1.00)
Bon Accord Soft Drinks and Mothership, ‘makers of tasty liquor’, have collaborated to bring you a Scottish small batch, hand crafted Salted Pink Grapefruit Soda.Try our perfect serve: Fill a tall glass with cubed ice, add 35ml of White Rum and top up with the exclusive Bon Accord Salted Pink Grapefruit Soda. Garnish with a wedge of pink grapefruit. Enjoy!
Born in Scotland, enjoyed around the world!

Cloudy Lemonade 275ml (£1.55)
Tart and thirst quenching and bursting with real citrus flavour, enjoy Bon Accord Cloudy Lemonade over a tall glass of ice. Equally it mixes really well and offers a great foil to gin, vodka, white rum and tequila (we’re having more ideas daily!) - Think mojitos, daiquiris, Tom Collins.
Bon Accord Cloudy Lemonade contains no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is flavoured with only natural ingredients. It typically contains a third less calories (88 calories per bottle) than many competitor’s lemonades.
Drink it straight up or why not make a quick and easy mojito?

Ginger Beer 275ml (£1.55)
A classic ginger beer with a heat that builds, but doesn’t overwhelm. A great soft drink option, which also makes a versatile mixer. Try adding Bourbon and Mint for a Julep, make a Mule with your favourite vodka, or create a classic whisky, ginger and lime. It’s 2017’s essential mixer by all accounts! Bon Accord Ginger Beer contains no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners and is flavoured with only natural ingredients.Drink it straight up or why not make a classic ginger, whisky and lime?

Sparkling Rhubarb Soda 275ml (£1.55)
An unusual flavour for a soft drink, but one that is already proving really popular. Bon Accord Sparkling rhubarb is a refreshing full flavoured soft drink, which is crisp and not too sweet. Great on its own, but we are increasingly finding more and more uses for this drink as a mixer! Again, great with gin and vodka and dark rum, but also works a treat as part of a prosecco cocktail (with rhubarb liquor perhaps?).
Reminiscent of rhubarb and custard sweets or rhubarb rock, but once again with no added refined sugar and just 94 calories per bottle. Instead we’ve added honey and coconut nectar which give a lovely depth of sweetness, not simply a sugar spike!
Drink it straight up or why not make a perfect Rhubarb Bellini.

Cream Soda 275ml (£1.55)
Creamy and dreamy, old fashioned and full bodied! Just like you remember it, but this time, it's naturally sweetened.
Yes, that's right - a 100% naturally sweetened Cream Soda. You can now enjoy your childhood favourite without the guilt!
Made with vanilla, fruit juice, honey and coconut nectar, this naturally sweet soft drink certainly has a Bon Accord smile in every bottle. Once again, Bon Accord brings you a modern, natural version of a classic. We're founded in flavour and this new soft drink will certainly meet your expectations!

Bona-Cola 275ml (£1.55)
If you grew up with Bon Accord, you most likely would have had the Bona-Cola. And if you didn't grow up with Bona-Cola, you're in for a treat! This Cola is familiar, different, natural and delicious.
Whilst it has been tried and tested for years, today's Bona-Cola is 100% naturally sweetened, with no artificial sweeteners and no added refined sugar. It has depth, character and a cola-zing.
Small batch produced, this natural Cola is delicious on its own and also can be mixed beautifully with rum and vodka. Here at Bon Accord, we're all about putting new, healthier twists on the classics.


Grapefruit Soda 275ml (£1.55)

Newest member of the Bon Accord family released Aug 19 (Awaiting Descriptions) but it tastes amazing!!



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