Goya Tequila - Single Estate Blanco

Goya Tequila - Single Estate Blanco


Goya Tequila - Single Estate Blanco


Goya Tequila is a product for the new generation of tequila drinkers. Its ultra smooth taste and clean production methods appeal to the environmental conscious and quality focused consumer. They have eliminated the well-known harsh taste of low-quality tequila, and elevated the quality to a level never produced before in Mexico. 


This is a Single Estate Tequila meaning they use agave exclusively from their own farm. They use fully ripe piñas that are grown and harvested using natural organic methods. Being a Blanco it is not treated in wood barrels to hide unwanted flavours. The farming, harvesting, production and bottling is all done at their finca so they have full control over the quality of the product.


The attention they give each of the small vintages requires one of the slowest production processes in Mexico.


50cl Bottle - 40% ABV


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