Hwayo Korean Soju 17

Hwayo Korean Soju 17

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Hwayo Korean Soju 17


The ingredients that go into the distillation of Hwayo Soju, Korean rice spirit, are all natural and carefully curated. Using pure underground spring water and organic Korean rice, Hwayo products are distilled at low temperatures to preserve the ingredients natural flavours and bouquets. The clean and crisp flavour profile of the Hwayo 17, the companys lightest and most accessible offering, is sure to excite and surprise the palate.


Free from additives and preservatives.

375ml bottle - 17% ABV

  • Korean Soju

    A bit like Japanese sake but very smooth.

    Can be taken on its own or used t create some wonderful cocktails.

    Many chefs such as Judu Joo, use it in their cooking.

    Comes in three strengths - 17%, 25% and 41% 

    please note that different strengths have varying bottles sizes (375ml to 500ml)

  • Important Notice

    Not for sale to people under the age of 18. For the facts about alcohol visit drinkaware.co.uk.


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