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Mackintosh Scottish Gin 70cl - 42%

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Mackintosh Scottish Gin 70cl - 42%


Mackintosh Gin is an Angus based, produced and bottled premium London Dry gin. Distilled in batches of less than 300 bottles with a bouquet of nine botanicals including fresh grapefruit and locally foraged elderflower.


The County of Angus has a rich history of Viking invasions, Romans, Picts and Celts. It is an area with an abundance of ancient standing stones and natural beauty. It is an area affectionately known as ‘The birthplace of Scotland’.


The logo used on the bottle branding is the ‘Lover’s’ Knot, which is carved into a 9th century Pictish stone. The knot is made up of an unbroken line over four corners that represent the endless round of seasons and is enclosed in a circle that represents infinity, the sun and the power of the female or Mother Earth. A similar version of the knot can be found on the Droston Pictish Stone which is in St Vigeans near Arbroath, affectionately known as the Heart of Angus.


70cl Bottle - 42% ABV

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