Merchant's Heart Spirit Enhancers


Merchant's Heart Spirit Enhancers


The Merchant’s Heart collection was designed to perfectly compliment the complex flavours of premium spirits. Just like perfumes, spirits have top notes, middle notes and base notes.


Merchant’s Heart products are carefully crafted to enhance rather than cloud them – ensuring the flavour of premium spirits truly sings through, and comes with perfectly crisp, long-lasting bubbles.


Tonic Water

This Tonic Water has been meticulously crafted to offer the perfect balance of flavours, and a superlative and long-lasting bubble. The initial aroma of the Tonic Water is fresh citrus which makes way for a soft roundness of bitter quinine. When sipped, the body of the Tonic Water drops away, allowing your spirit of choice to shine through before the long citrus and soft quinine bitters linger at the end.


Light Tonic Water

The Light Tonic Water follows the same flavour profile as our Tonic Water, with an initial aroma of fresh citrus giving way to a soft and roundly bitter quinine, but with a reduction in sugar content which results in a lighter flavour.


Pink Peppercorn

Our Pink Peppercorn Spirit Enhancer is a different type of tonic, with the soft spice of pink peppercorn emerging alongside the citrus and bitter notes. The gentle, fruity spice of pink peppercorn develops on the palate in layers to produce a fragrant spice that lingers on the finish.



The Hibiscus Spirit Enhancer is a real highlight of the collection. It has a balance of fruity and citrus-forward flavours within the mix providing a wonderful contrasting flavour profile. The core citrus of lemon and lime is complimented by a soft hint of hibiscus flowers. The hibiscus is also supported with a touch of pear that rounds out the flavour and brings a little more body to it.


Ginger Ale

The Ginger Ale takes its influence from the flavour of fresh ginger rather than a candied version, which results in a more earthy, spicy flavour. The round sweetness of the ginger root comes through at the front of the palate with a soft spice on the finish. The spice within the ginger builds up as you drink, adding layers to ensure that it doesn’t overpower the spirit within.


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