Ogilvy Vodka Perfect Pour Cocktails 50cl - 20%


Ogilvy Vodka Perfect Pour Cocktails 50cl - 20%


Perfect Pour is a range of premixed artisan cocktails.  Using Ogilvy vodka as the base, they blend or infuse natural fruit juices and herbs to create a range of flavour packed cocktails.  With no added sugars these are a healthier option too. 

Super simple to make at home, just pour a measure over ice and top up with your favourite mixer.  Perfect for any party or BBQ, or just a Saturday night chilling at home.  Serve individually or make up a pitcher to share with friends.  Each bottle makes 10 cocktails.


Perfect Pour 001 - Vodka, Raspberry & Lime (Milton Mule)


Ogilvy Vodka with freshly pressed Scottish Raspberry’s and lime juice.  Made with locally sourced raspberry juice, this fruity cocktail really packs a punch.

Recommended serve:

For a fruity take on the classic Moscow Mule, serve 50ml over ice with ginger beer and a wedge of fresh lime.

Also great served with prosecco, lemonade or soda.


Perfect Pour 002 - Vodka, Apple & Elderflower (Ogilvy Orchard)


Ogilvy Vodka with freshly pressed apple and elderflower juice.  This delicate cocktail is light and refreshing.

Recommended serve:

For our take on the classic Hugo cocktail, serve in a chilled flute with prosecco.  Garnish with some lime or blueberries. 

Also great served with tonic, lemonade or soda for a longer drink.


Perfect Pour 003 - Vodka, Lemon, Lime & Mint (Cottarhouse Cooler)


Ogilvy Vodka with lemon, lime and mint.  A definite favourite for any mojito fans, this cocktail is infused with fresh mint and has an amazing flavour without the fuss.

Recommended serve:

For our take on the classic Moijito, serve a 50ml measure over ice and top up with lemonade.  Garnish with fresh mint. 

Also great served with tonic or soda.


Perfect Pour 005 - Vodka, Bramble & Rhubarb (Berryhillock Bramble)


Ogilvy Vodka with bramble and rhubarb.  A sweet ‘n’ sour cocktail, the local fruity brambles pair perfectly with the tartness of our own farm grown rhubarb. 

Recommended serve:

For our take on the classic Kir Royale, serve in a chilled glass with prosecco.  Garnish with brambles.

Also great served with lemonade, soda or ginger beer.

50cl Bottle - 20% ABV

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